5th International Competition for Young Singers of Popular Music and Dance Groups

“Bordertown Beat”

Valka (Latvia) and Valga (Estonia) April 16/17, 2016

We are inviting young performers – singers of popular music and dance groups to enter the International competition “Bordertown Beat”, which will be held on April 16th, 2016 in Valka (Latvia) and April 17th, 2016 in Valga (Estonia)

Aim of the competition is to popularize and strengthen international relations in the field of popular music and dance, as well as to develop youth musical abilities and talents.

There are only 6 towns in the world separated by state borders. The LatvianValka and the Estonian Valga are twin towns and they are using as slogan “One Town, Two Countries”. For that very reason the title for the competition is “Bordertown Beat”.

In competition we will unit participants of different countries in one town, two countries.

Organizers of competition:

Valka Municipality (Latvia), Valga City Council (Estonia),Valka Culture House (Latvia), Valga Cultural Centre (Estonia), NGO – society “Support to Valka” (Latvia) and studio “Joy”(Estonia).


  1. Singers of popular music and dance groups(2 different age groups)
  2. Agegroups:13 – 18 and19 -25
  3. Number of singers in total –15 in each age group
  4. Number of dance groups in total–15 in each age group



  1. April 16th ( 2nd  round of competition) – Valka Culture House (Latvia)
  2. April 17th ( 3rd  round of competition) – Valga Cultural Centre (Estonia)


Process of competition:

  1. Round 1. Selection of participants. Filled questionnaire of the participant and professional CV should be sent till the April, 1st, 2016 to e-mail .
  2. Round 2. Participants need to prepare and perform 1 performance. Duration of the performance – up to 3,5 minutes. Participants should use phonogram. (Phonogram in a CD or MD format should be sent to organizers till the April, 10th ( )).
  3. Round 3. After the 2nd round the best announced 5 singers of popular music and 5 dance groups perform 1 performance, which should be different from the one performed in the 2nd Final – concert of the participants and professional artists. Awards Ceremony.
  4. Experts can change the number of finalists by mutual agreement.



  1. Performances of the participants are evaluated by an international professional jury, appointed by organizers.
  2. Voting – secret ballot. Verdict of the jury is not questionable.

Awards Ceremony:

  1. All the participants and their pedagogues receive participation gifts.
  2. The Prize Fund – 2000 EUR. 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in each category (singers and dance groups) gain money prizes and the diploma, singers – a chance to record a song in the song recording studio; dance groups – filming of a professional video-clip.


Additional Information:

  1. All expenses related to participation in competition are to be covered by participants themselves.
  2. Membership fee: singers– 25 EUR, participant of a dance group – 10 EUR per person *fee includes dinner on the evening of April, 16th
  3. Participants, nominated to 2nd round, should transfer the membership fee to the account:


Society “Albalsts Valkai”

Registration number: 40008063697


Account: LV90UNLA0050001012299

Legal address: Semināra 29, Valka, LV-4701


Purpose of payment: Membership fee of a singer /dance group participants (number of participants) in the competition “Bordertown Beat”.


  1. Organizers in cooperation with Valka Tourism Information Bureau will inform the participants about the accommodation and catering possibilities. Information:


Special rules:

  1. Organizers of the competition have the rights to use the filmed and photographed materials of the competition for the needs of Valka Municipality, Valga City Council, Studio “Joy” and Valka Culture House.
  2. Submitted questionnaire is an automatic approval of the competition rules.


Extra events of the competition:

  1. April, 16th – evening of friendship for participants and their pedagogues after the competition; dinner. *expenses already included in the membership fee.
  2. April, 17th – master-classes given by the professionals.
  3. The Final of the competition will be filmed by professional TV team.

Contact information:

Valka Culture House,,

Studio “Joy” (Valga),


5 th International Competition for young Singers of popular Music and Dance Groups

“ Bordertown Beat”

Valka (Latvia) and Valga (Estonia) April 16/ 17, 2016

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